[headline][/headline] We offer integral solutions in energy projects to established companies or who are looking for established in Mexico.

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[toggle open=”yes” title=”LEGAL ANALYSIS OF HIGH ENERGY AND LAW REFORM”][list type=arrow]

  • Transport and Distribution of Hydrocarbons and Derivatives
  • Legal Audit of Procurement
  • Legal Framework of Electricity and Renewable Energy
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework of Natural Gas
  • Assignments and Contracts Scheme Exploration and Production

[/list] [/toggle] [toggle title=”LEGAL PREVENTION”] [list type=arrow]

  • Audits of contracts and agreements seeking to find schemes that avoid generating controversy, litigation or sanctions of authority
  • Negotiation and Drafting of contracts with suppliers, customers and subcontractors
  • Support and advice for the implementation of actions to comply with the contracts concluded and the legal provisions governing the sector
  • Method of Recruitment and Sector considerations

[/list] [/toggle] [toggle title=”LEGAL SUPPORT TO OPERATE”] [list type=arrow]

  • Review and Representation in bidding processes
  • Obtaining licenses and permits from authorities
  • Tracking Visits Inspection authority
  • Means of Defence before the three levels of government: Federal, State and Municipal, against laws or acts of authority
  • Legal advice on issues affecting real estate projects in the energy sector (purchase and sale, right of way, easements)
  • Litigation

[/list] [/toggle] [toggle title=”BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND DESIGN OF COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES”] [list type=arrow]

  • Analysis of the current market and finding new schemes to strengthen the commercial development of its line of business
  • Design business strategies through the generation of products and value-added services within the Energy Sector

[/list][/toggle] [toggle title=”RISK ANALYSIS “]Analysis and evaluation of the general conditions of governance and security in the area of interest with respect to the specific activities of the energy industry

Territorial Intelligence (non-technical) social risks for an appropriate institutional intervention (government or business) that contribute to a business operation without incidentas anda better social perception of it [/toggle] [toggle title=”RELATIONSHIP TO AUTHORITIES AND MANAGEMENT SECTOR “] [list type=arrow]

  • Technical advice on the new rules of the Energy Sector and its provisions for regulatory agency
  • Procedures and management to the Secretary of Energy, Pemex, CFE, CRE and CNH
  • Public relations with officials of the Energy Sector for the representation of corporate interest
  • Lobbying before various authorities of the Energy Sector and within the Federal, State and Municipal Public Administration

[/list] [/toggle] [toggle title=”DUE DILIGENCE”]Constitutes a thorough research public databases that provide information on a company or person using only legal methods; information that may give us elements for decision making before initiating a trade agreement that may lead to the signing of a contract, knowing who we’re doing business with

[/toggle] [toggle title=”COMMERCIAL TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION”]Accompaniment and performance in commercial negotiations, meetings with clients, investors and trade missions.

Translations of Laws, Regulations, Contracts, Tenders, Notary Records, Financial Statements, specialized in Energy Law, Maritime, Environmental, Corporate and Financial.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”VALUE ADDED SERVICE “] Derived from the operation and administrative management requires an address for any information and / or notification to be generated by an authority. We have office in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Saltillo

We operate under the strictest confidentiality in our services [/toggle] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ place=”last”] [noticebox title=”If you need more information” icon=”icon-envelope-alt”]please contact us and our team be in touch as soon as possible.[/noticebox] [/column]