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Opportunities, Uncertainty Dot Mexico's Changing Fuel Supply Landscape

The progress that Mexico's ambitious energy reform program is making toward goals established in

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The challenge of the Energy Reform: PROFITABILITY

Marcial Diaz Ibarra is a lawyer, consultant of the Energy Sector, with studies in Public Administration.

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The Gas Sector and Pending Issues at Closure

Javier Lozano Cortés

Bachelor in Business Administration, with seven years of experience in the

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Energy Reform is in the cloud… now it has to be downloaded  

By Marcial Díaz Ibarra

Marcial Diaz Ibarra is a lawyer,

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Windows of Opportunity for Gas Sector with the Reform

  Marcial Díaz Ibarra es abogado consultor del Sector Energía, con estudios en Administración

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México at risk

Mexico is considered an emerging market, ie, a country developing markets such as the Southeast Asian, the Latin

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The current outlook of the illegal fuel market

To talk about of how the situation of Illicit Fuels Market (MIC) is, can be complex and very upsetting and to

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Pemex and the affected by fuel illicit market


Marcial Diaz

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México at risk (Second part)


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