The current outlook of the illegal fuel market

To talk about of how the situation of Illicit Fuels Market (MIC) is, can be complex and very upsetting and to disrupt several inter- nal Pemex issues as the security situation that exists in the country, which is why we start this partnership for Oil & Gas with the aim of being able to share some public data and go dismembering this matter that is discussed with emphasis on all industry forums.

The hydrocarbon ́s control is from PEMEX and the marketing of them is given only by the distribution channels and firsthand selling established by Petróleos Mexica- nos and its subsidiary entities, but in the last decade there has been the influence of drug cartels in the expansion of oil theft; According to official figures, 90% of those arrested for the crime of hydrocarbon theft were people linked to a cartel.

These criminal organizations are facing each other to increase their spheres of influence, the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, are the main actors in the crime map.

The pipelines where the hydrocarbons travels, the tankers that transport them and the storage and distribution

terminals, are the most vulnerable because they face risks arising from activities related to illegal fuel market, also known as MIC.

In recent years, drug cartels have diversified their activities and oil theft has become one of the main sources of funding organized crime, this has led to considerable losses for Pemex since the illegal connections are increasing each year and the problem extends throughout the national territory. The increase in the number of illegal connections is increasing year-on-year, in December 2012, it was reported that was the month with the highest number of illegal connections, reaching a total of 186, being that in prior months did not exceed 170 jacks.